Tuesday 2 February 2010

Thought Picnic: Not Crying MayDay on my Potential

Collecting in potential

There was one meeting last week, he had come to collect, they had managed the pound, shillings and pence in the thousand-weight for years and now wondered why things were not coming in for months – well, things were not coming in.

It could have been a meeting of great trepidation but the most important thing was just to tell in it as it is and have faith that they will believe, believe in I, believe in a future of hopes and expectations maybe with the past serving as a pointer to the future.

Indeed, we all have potential, but what is potential if no one will wait and someone would not assent to allowing for the potential to be realised – we all want to square and squaring up is a function of time and good fortune, blessings and miracles or even something others might call luck.

If I may by May

It sounds like a sob story but it is an everyday reality of coming back from the brink to a place where one can hold ones head up high being no prisoner, being no debtor, being no slave – being a being, a somebody with something of substance and great value.

He heard, he sighed, maybe that obvious stoicism in the present vulnerability spoke to him in ways that one could never imagine – we will look to May, one may work to May, by May things may be as they may in a much better state than now – we have found someone who believes in potential, seize the opportunity and begin to thrive.

You may lose on travel

The whole night was spent doing the numbers, figures never scrutinised before appeared in the sheet and the once blurred image shadowed by the mist of nonchalance suddenly revealed truths one once never bothered to review.

It those days, things just happened because the resources were always there to help them happened with the need to get involved – sometimes that lack of attention came at a costly price but that never made one bat an eyelid – now one peered and looked and observed and understood and learnt and knew.

The weather was inclement as the chipcard system robbed one twice in broad daylight without the hope of restitution, one would be told the system is foolproof; did I just see the system start up with the Microsoft Windows 2000 operating system? I did, the most modern ticketing system is running like one was sending a rocket to the moon on coal – one sometimes humours the thief.

May is the time

Another meeting to attend planned from the week before, a continual put-off that needed to be put-on and gotten with. No stony faces but smiles, no condemnation but encourage but May is the word, may I and only might I till May have reprieve.

They saw some potential and were willing to wait it out till we may at May decide if one may by all means be able from May – one has potential, but it all begins to mean something more when there are others to believe with you.

And so in spite of all of the issues and circumstances, the words of the blog come back to those who could – Do you have a job for me?

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