Sunday 18 June 2006

Looking for football miracles

Having only seen highlights of most matches of the World Cup, I am concerned about the number of red cards that have been shown to players.

Team managers might have to get tactical such that once a yellow card is shown the offender is pulled off the field before the second yellow card takes the player out of the next game.

However, it does appear that the cards do have a cumulative effect over consecutive games; players just have to be careful if not dainty with this strict adjudicating regime.

Reckless tackles indeed have to be punished in some way, but the number of disallowed goals in increasing too.

The tables as they stand read like a heart stopping news story, only groups A and C have been fully decided with Ecuador, Germany, Argentina and Holland.

(Holland? That is supposed to be the Netherlands, Holland only comprises on 2 provinces [Noord Holland & Zuid Holland in the West] out of 12 in the Netherlands except if as a in the World Cup they prefer to be known as Holland).

All other teams with 6 point are through; those with 4 points might end up not going if they lose their next games and if those with a point win their last games and have a greater goal difference.

That means groups E, G and H would present a thrilling finale if not upsets – it is definitely not over till its over.

Togo and Ukraine might just rise from the dead, but 6 teams are definitely returning home at the end of this week.

There is probably an upset left in Ghana to make it to the second round and the god of football giving Angola something to celebrate.

Having watched the BBC World programme about African Football Magic, it is time that really counted for something like the New Zealand Haka before a rugby match.

Come on Ghana! Do the African Haka and do us proud. A rare case of a Nigerian urging Ghana on.

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