Wednesday 7 June 2006

Unisex Pederasty seeking a Dutch constituency

To tolerate or not

The nuances and complexities of the Dutch society and the politics that exudes from seeking to represent views, opinions and issues never cease to baffle.

Within the melee that accompanied the election of the leader of the Liberal Party last week, another party was born.

There is nothing wrong in registering political interest to represent a constituency of opinion once you get 500 signatories in the Netherlands, but you need the publicity at first to garner the prospective signatories.

Besides, there is a healthy tolerance of all sorts of political views except probably one in particular and this party became the rallying ground for this.

The paedophile party

This new political party had as its underlying manifesto the reduction of the Age of Consent from 16 to 12 - Age of Consent generally refers to the age at which adults and persons of a younger age can engage in sexual activity without fear of persecution or prosecution.

Many, however would contend that moving the Age of Consent to any age lower than 16 is either statutory rape in some instances, the uncomfortable tolerance of paedophilia and the adherents of acts that promote that activity.

Of the acceptable pleading the unacceptable

There is a quality of tolerance in the Netherlands that allows for people to publicly declare their interest in this matter, and there is a body of vigilantes who would with no provocation seek to do serious harm to those peado-protagonists.

Besides, there are also others who would declare interest in a non-committal way, where, for instance, a company is suing for the use of initials similar to those of its business.

For all the publicity that ensued, it does not help to realise that the main promoter of this party is a 62-year-old man living in a caravan park (address provided in news stories for the mob), which he has had to vacate due to threats to his collaborators and himself.

The rules again

However, you must never forget - the rulebook - it comes in handy again, the caravan park is supposed to be used for recreational activities and launching a party from a caravan in this caravan park is contrary to the rules.

This unsavoury case of public opinion and paedophilia is played out in stressing other points like the neighbours in the caravan site saying the caravan was so large there were not people living close to the man.

Other parties indicate they would withdraw web-hosting services from this unwelcome organisation.

Outrage, derision, consternation, anger, violence and condemnation gather in unity against a situation where the lines of the responsible exercise of liberties and freedom of expression have been crossed by one side proclaiming the untenable and the others baying for blood in the hysteria that always accompanies child porn, paedophilia and sexual crimes.

Protect the innocent - ALWAYS!

Our children, do indeed, must and need be protected from people who take sexual advantage and favours on the premise of being friendly and caring.

Having suffered such abuse myself before, one is left utterly confused about the rights and wrongs of the acts that probably give pleasure for some but create lasting damage for many.

Whilst, I cannot find a mountain high enough to proclaim or the tolerance deep enough to accept - my defence of the rights of association are definitely taxed beyond remediation - Do not let dirty old men join up in assailing the innocence of the weak and defiling the sexuality of the young and gratifying the lasciviousness of their carnal and unconscionable lusts.

I cannot be this liberal

Beasts from the pit of pederasty, debauched beyond redemption and given to wanton depravity should not roam free to prey like hungry hyenas on our young regardless of our outspoken liberties - our civilisation is about civilising people and not acquiescing to whims of the degenerate.

No, I will not join the hysteria of the mob for a lynching, rather, this needs objectivity in resolution, if they have committed no crimes they cannot be arrested for anything, but their intentions indicate the need for surveillance of their activities just in case these proclamations are closer to reality than fantasy.

For those who have ever been violated, like I was, but mercifully spared longterm damage, I feel your pain, I only wish you can find real support in those who really do love you.

I can tolerate a lot, but this one goes well beyond what I can countenance. Do not give them one chance.

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