Friday 30 June 2006

Blasting the hostage out of Gaza

Mighty Israel

Writing about Israel is a difficult task, every question you raise about their actions regardless of the objectivity gets you labelled as anti-Semitist on the one hand and an appeaser of terrorism on the other.

Having heard the news about the events in Gaza as Israel tries to obtain the freedom of the 19 year old conscript, whilst blowing up bridges might prevent the movement of the hostage, how does blowing up transformers help in the resolution of this conflict.

Then flying over the summer palace of the Syrian President looks like a military-political command structure run amok.

The unequal matching of the sticks and staves of Palestinians to the high-tech weaponry of the Israelites leaves one at a point of conflicts of faith and fairness.

The faith from the perspective of evangelical or devout Christians commands a stubborn adherence to blessing Israel regardless of what they do and the fairness leaves one in empathy for the Palestinians and their plight in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

That faith element precludes America from supporting any resolution against Israel; it is like an unwritten law in the American polity that remains unbroken.

So, if as Israel amasses her tanks and razes down buildings and infrastructure they happen upon their gravely wounded quarry within the ruins of the damage they have caused; culpability would be difficult to apportion.

As might and obstreperousness lords it over wisdom and restraint with outrageous belligerence, man has no chance on this matter as people have advised care and restraint – Did God not say they are a stiff-necked people?

In the light of this and other issues, someone ask, was a soldier really kidnapped and taken hostage? If indeed they did, how did they do it? – the pictures tell a story I cannot better – take a look.

What Really Happened – The Gaza Tunnel Attack

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