Tuesday 6 June 2006

Insemination Tax Credit

Not just an American problem

The leader of the free world has now put the freeze on freedom. As the second proclamation against gay marriage goes out in America, it is not so much the Americans that are affected, but other places in the world where minorities are oppressed and persecuted.

These places have not even gotten to the first rung of granting basic humanity rights to these minorities and this strident American posture simply means they can crack down harder and dehumanise people for being who they are.

Homosexuals are getting killed in the 21st Century and all the President can worry about is getting fundamentalists out to vote in the November election, who cares about those aberrant lifestyles – we should all conform to the norm.

Where do homos come from exactly?

What is so interesting is this talk about strong families, giving the impression that homosexuals are some alien species – sorry – homosexuals also come from the union of man and woman – probably in better functional families that went to church like it was going out of fashion.

However, let us go the whole hog about protecting marriage, not the paltry tax breaks, the pension rights, the familial rights, inheritance rights or child credit.

Mr President, put your money where your argument for strong families is – I suggest the Insemination Credit.

Swab the evidence

Ditch, all this family planning stuff, anytime a man goes in to his wife, without contraceptive protection, a swap is taken and sent to the IRS, which becomes a tax break of probably $100.00 is credited to the account of that happy family.

Strong large broods of families, all encouraged to strengthen the bonds of marriage, even better than the Nazis attempted. Every child carries a label, conceived on the insemination credit – attesting to the work of the state in building loving families of people loving their nation to bits.

Traditional values of homemaking

Forget love, we are back down to traditional values, women as baby-making machines, liberated in the triangle of the bed, the kitchen and the living room.

She knows her lot in life, to help her husband bring up strong vibrant families, in times of tumult, the perfect marriage which gives lordship of the man over the woman … I cannot go any further – but we have just begun to go down this slope because a fundamentalist President rules in the White House.

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