Sunday 4 June 2006

Galvanising by gay-bashing

There are three issues the President of the United States can use to divide the American People and galvanise his conservative electoral base in an election year.
In order of increasing potency -:
1. Outlaw all stem cell research (ambivalent support)
2. Constitutionally outlaw abortion (supported but can split the less fundamental conservatives)
3. Constitutionally ban gay marriage (widespread support)
We all know that this tack was used in the 2004 elections where 10 of the 11 states that had the gay marriage ban on the ballot during the presidential election went to the Republicans and the Democrats have still not cottoned on this sleight of hand.
To put paid to the dwindling polls that are reaching record depths, a God-fearing bible-bashing President is the tonic for calling the Lazarus polls back from death.
However, the technique is not so much to attack gay marriage per se, but to fault sections of the judiciary and denigrate them as “activist courts”, well, that is new parlance for the election – it would be heard, time and again.
With the Supreme Court beginning to look like cardinals in a conclave, we might as well find argument that would make the subjective and prejudicial look reasonably objective, but I am still not clued in as to how gay marriage affects traditional marriages.
You cannot use the courts to deal with ambivalent sexuality, but in America, we have a President who can divide the people like no other.
Sometimes the West is a community divided by its morals and united in its hypocrisy.

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