Wednesday 28 June 2006

Verdonk force fed humble pie

Facing a farcical loss of face

The suspense, needless the tension as we waited with bated breath for a result, a verdict, maybe call it a confirmation.

But, it was an about face without the face saving element she was given 6 weeks to conjure up.

Only six weeks ago Ayaan Hirsi Ali was given six weeks to explain why she should remain a Dutch citizen, a situation that lead to her immediate resignation from the Dutch parliament and serious concern amongst the expatriate and immigrant communities.

The Dutch Second Chamber convened an emergency session to debate that decision which was handed down by Mrs Rita Verdonk, the Minister of Immigration and Integration as well as then aspiring to the leadership pf the Liberal party.

The session ran till 3:00AM and Mrs Verdonk was given six weeks to ensure that every legal possibility was explored to ensure that Ms Hirsi Ali retained and remained a Dutch citizen without fail.

We be not fools

Mrs Verdonk milked the whole six weeks of reflection, reconsideration and indecision, during which she also lost the race to lead the Liberal Party - thankfully.

For almost two weeks rumours have been trickling out that this issue would be resolved in Ms Hirsi Ali's favour, however, to pretend that this redress would undo the peripheral damage would be naïve.

It now appears, the face saving formula has included agreeing that Ms Hirsi Ali - using her grandfather's family name, who should have applied with Magan using her father's name was not really untruthful about using either.

Ms Hirsi Ali herself has also offered commentary to exonerate Mrs Verdonk for her faux pas, which has now been rectified by this so-called loophole. This is beginning to bore me.

She lost us the World Cup

This does not get Mrs Verdonk completely out of the hot water because we are still licking our wounds in the aftermath of that record card dealing World Cup match against Portugal.

One of the best football players ever besides Pele in the person of Johann Cruyff has said Mrs Verdonk cannot be completely blameless for our exit in refusing to allow the person of Salomon Kalou to become Dutch and depriving us the football talent that might have made a difference.

In the same vein, she also deprived the Ivory Coast the same football talent in not being decisive about the issue early enough.

Basically, one can argue that Mrs Verdonk is a liability whose brief to promote integration if not patriotic allegiance has only created bad press in the representation of the Dutch to the world at large.

Time to give her a title in appreciation and pension her off.


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