Thursday 29 June 2006

Recording the bad history of football - II

No fling with the right-wing

As we prepared for the World Cup in Germany we were warned of the seething and simmering assault on civility as right-wing groups supposedly gathered to rain hail and brimstone on those whose did not have the similitude of the Aryan race.

On one occasion, they were to turn out in support of Iran as a sop to the vituperations about the Holocaust that have emanated from the lips of Dr Ahmadinejad.

We can all thankfully say none of this came to be.

Rather, the Germans, in enthusiasm that would rival a Rio Carnival turned out in support of teams that visited their cities and welcomed their guests with such aplomb, we almost said this is too unGerman to contemplate.

One could almost say, with the departure of the African teams and Trinidad & Tobago, all the fun, dancing, clapping and cheering has died down.

Well, probably only Brazil can really raise a party like no other.

Deep Pains of Spain

So, to now hear again that Spanish fans are up to their disgraceful antics of racist chants, monkey calls and despicable overt unfriendliness to players of another race does sadden one beyond consolation.

This is form for the Spaniards and this has not been knocked out because even the Spanish coach has exhibited such base human instincts masquerading as human superiority.

Both Spain and their coach have been sanctioned for these practices, but the sanctions have failed to yield a civilising effect on the proponents and the fans - only more stringent sanctions like expulsion from international competitions or points deducted from league clubs can drum the basics of 21st Century living into these people.

Countries like England and France have rainbow teams sometimes quite representative the broad range of football talent and ethnic diversity in those countries.

Lauding ethnic team members

The performers always get the accolades and their names or usually synonymous with team excellence - it is just not within the limits good conduct to have to suffer racial abuse on the pitch for any reason whatsoever.

It is however surprising to the value and understanding of history escapes these people as Spain was once subjugated by Africans and during the Spanish Civil War many came from other countries (about 40,000) to fight for the liberation of Spain - they should have a greater sense of fairness, accommodation and tolerance than has been displayed - the sociology of this matter I would leave to the professionals.

Out with this-pain

In the end, you cannot but imagine my glee at the fact the monkey chants and all did nothing to keep them in the World Cup and deservedly so - people who accommodate thoughts that debase humanity deserve no global centre stage not even at the World Cup.


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