Thursday 8 June 2006

The Freedom of Association vs the Abhorence of Pederasty

Tempering opinion with reflection

After much reflection, I think I have to revisit the views in my blog of yesterday. Now, this is not to trivialise in anyway the sufferings of people who have by occasion of encounters with pederasts had their lives turned upside-down, but to see what in the name of our civilised existence can be done.

I remember years ago, I met a right-wing skinhead who happened to be homosexual and aligned with some Nazi outfit.

The encounter was bruising, but not of the physical kind, thankfully. The conversation went along the lines of the lowness of life of the black race and every other rehashed racist stereotype that could be expressed.

I listened and then said, whilst, I do not agree with your opinions in anyway, I would still defend your right to have them and express them - in the end, if I take offence, I would seek redress in appropriate ways.

Tame as this response might seem, it appears it was disarmingly effective because I did not offer the expected reactions to racist abuse.

When he inferred I was a monkey, I retorted, he had either learnt to communicate with monkeys or monkeys have achieved a level of intellect rivalling the genius amongst men.

Flawed views of history

As he went on with his diatribe, I hinted to the fact that even though I would have been somewhere on Hitler's list of undesirables, he as a homosexual would have been in the concentration camps long before those of my kind were rounded up.

Hence, my confusion as to how he could really correlate his adherence to right-wing ideology with his as it was aberrant sexuality.

A couple of weeks later, I returned to the pub for a drink and heard that he had committed suicide and none of who knew him had anything nice to say about him. I found that I was left with the saying, what I once said to him - I did not agree with his views and opinions but he had the will and wherewithal to have those views and express them with conviction. I quietly prayed for his soul.

Anybody who holds a view about anything should be able to express them, though issues of responsibility and sensitivity can apply, it is really left to the individual.

Dutch pragmatism on humanity

So, back in the Netherlands where the world assumes drugs and prostitution are legal, we need to examine why this situation appears so.

The pragmatism of the Dutch understands that human beings would be human beings with their good habits and their vices. Rather than pretend everyone can be perfect, we have allowances for those vices within particular parameters.

So, prostitution is legal and available in certain neighbourhoods, with prostitutes registered, subject to health checks and gatteing necessary aid for their profession.

Certain kinds of soft drugs are available in what we call coffee shops; you can only be sold so much of the drug with a certain level of potency.

However, there might be instances where people go from shop to shop buying the maximum quantity allowed, till they have a large stash, but that is no more the responsibility of the shops and the person is now verging on the illegal in that activity.

Exposed to accountability

Therefore, I have come to the conclusion as we noticed in England where the British National Party which is a right-wing party exists and gets votes to sit on council seats, it offers a general idea of the kind of support those associations get and the greater public an decide how to react to such support.

The pederast party then, if disallowed the opportunity to congregate would deprive us of a necessary demographic that would reveal if there is growing support for lowering the Age of Consent and allow sexual liaisons between adults and children or it is a seriously unpopular notion that has no place in our society.

It would be wrong to allow this constituency to remain underground, unnoticed, un-policed and unaccountable when some have had the courage to put their heads above the parapet.

The lynch mob is not of civilisation

Civilised society would then be the judge of the validity of this association.

I know that this is a difficult stance to take, but our freedoms, liberties, tolerance and democracy is threatened if we allow our subjective assessment of albeit vile views to becloud the opportunity to recognise the fact that some people are so different, and we need to look out better for our children.

We cannot submit to mob rule because we cannot countenance the despicable, that is not what our freedom is about.

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