Saturday 17 June 2006

Catfish is off the menu

To have left this situation without comment would have left me untrue to the premise of my blogging which is to write about how things affect me and how I am affected by things.

A blogger is within his rights to add and or remove persons and/or comments from his blog and I have no qualms with that.

When I wrote A Blogger without a Corset earlier this week, it was with regards to my blogging experience and certain observations I had made recently.

So, the link to my blog and that of a friend was removed, well, no problem with that, it comes with the territory, however, to find that a comment added to a topic of interest was obliterated whilst leaving the owner’s specific response to my comments therein is an exercise of prerogative that borders on self-absorbed pettiness.

Well, the word petty would come to mind but that would be a complement, small-minded would be like ascribing greatness to a cretin, so I should not deign to suggest anything.

I am affected to the extent that I cannot bear such calculated activity that appears mean but is really not smart.

Anyway, catfish is definitely off the menu, but would be left in the space it occupies in the hope that the body can be redeemed from the rotting head.

It so happens, people can have intelligence seep into their copy every now and then but are immune to exemplary conduct. This once edible catfish has just mutated into CandirĂº.

The salutary lesson is, of whom little is expected, much less is desired. I rest my case.

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