Sunday 3 May 2020

From my heart out of a lonely place

Unselfish but reflexive
There is an independent streak in me that puts up a rather stoic front, as I strive to listen to others without inserting my own story into their situation usurping their need for succour for my need to be heard.
However, it was interesting to engage in a conversation about the lockdown where experiences of returning home to a full house had its issues, but it called for some reflection as there were people in lockdown alone in singledom, denied or unable to be with partners, lovers, or family out of circumstances beyond their control.
Between making the best of human interaction with present loved ones and handling communication hamstrung by distance and outside of remediation because of international strictures, the former is a greater blessing. When I say I pine, the feeling is deep even though the words I need to express it are nigh on impossible to find for writing in a blog or speaking on a video conference.
Say a little prayer
My heart and mind is in and at a place, buoyed on by memories and moments of happiness and contentment, the place is Cape Town, the person is Brian, the promise we have made to each other is whatever comes, our future is together and it would be in a place of our choosing for our convenience.
There are things we cannot see beyond the present as to how these things will come about, but this is a journey we have started and with providence and good fortune on our side, we would see to a fitting and happy conclusion. Count the blessings of being in bosom of those you love and say a prayer for those who cannot and most especially for those who are still trying to find somebody to love.
From the deepest part of my heart, earnestly, I say, “Grow this man as you grow me and more in blessing and opportunity that he will have the wherewithal to seize and make the very best of the amazing potential he has in him.” I say a little prayer you, Brian.

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