Tuesday 5 May 2020

When I danced until the music came true

I danced all night
On a nominal scroll through Facebook and the things that get thrown in your timeline, there was a medley of lady singers that reminded me of the time I used to go clubbing almost 30 years ago in some rather sinister places in London.
Then, I danced and moved that my kidneys sometimes would have wondered why they were punished with the assemblage in my cavity. Like the words of Elvis Presley, they were definitely ‘All Shook Up!’. The dancing did keep me a little fitter but never dressed the developing stomach paunch.
The music of memories
Chart-topping performances from 1991 into 1992 were revisited by Robin S, Crystal Waters, and concluded with Ce Ce Peniston. However, the originals had me strutting my stuff like I had no care in the world, though it is rare to find clubs that lay out good Old School discs from the 80s into the 90s, like I have had to easily let my hair down in Paris or Barcelona.
This, like many of my other blogs come with memories, when I got my first Sony Walkman, I had Anita Baker, George Michael, and Madonna as my cassette tapes. Then the first vinyl record I bought after I acquired a turntable was Ce Ce Peniston’s Finally on the A-side with We Got A Love Thang on the B-side. I guess I played the A-side until the record was scratched, though it is better heard on a dancefloor than at home. [AZLyrics]
Finally, my dreams come true
I did not get a compact disc (CD) of any music until much later in the mid-90s, though, I cannot remember the first CD, I bought. Standalone DVD players after using my computer DVD drive came in 2003. Everything is now streamed, even books are shelved on devices than on bookcases, but the feel and smell of paper still have a good feeling.
However, back to Finally, the words made a lot more sense today, for it has happened to me, right in front of my face and I have pictures to prove that I cannot hide it. I found a man who gives me true love and it is more than it seems. We will get married at the earliest opportunity; the ceremonies will come after. I love you, Brian. Here’s to you.

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