Thursday 7 May 2020

An embrace that has no words

A new embrace
There was a closing scene on CSI: Miami last night where a family had thought they had lost a husband and a father, met up on tarmac about to board a plane to Brazil. The boy on recognising his father cried out Dad! and ran up to meet him, that encounter was short.
The wife was first confused, then came to, realised the man on the gangway was husband first expressed her gratitude with hugging Horatio Caine, before walking towards her heretofore presumed dead husband.
They both came together, no kiss, no words, just an embrace and that triggered both memory and the yearning in me.
The look of love
There is only one person I could give that kind of embrace, in whose grip the intensity would be so passionate, hands over each other almost in a ravenous rage, and when our lips meet, the feeling would be utter bliss. At that moment, my head would sink in the crook of his neck, as I sigh, laugh, and cry, all at the same time. The sounds we make, no one will understand.
What I saw was the look of love, the deepest expression of it, it can only happen between lovers and no words can begin to articulate how we have missed each other and what a miracle we are living to once again be in each other’s arms.
This thing that I appreciate many may never come to understand for all sorts of reasons is a language of hearts meeting hearts, for which everyone has the capacity regardless of the pairing involved. In my case, I found him, and I cannot begin to tell you how much I love him, much as I realise, I have never loved this way before. Maybe, close, but not as deep and committed as I feel and see this love.

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