Friday 29 May 2020

Thought Picnic: The fields of clouds carry winds of creatives

Fields of people
Each day as you look out onto the fields with the pathways that lead through to sit in the grass or on a bench, sometimes bearing you on a shortcut from one place to another. Everything is not as it seems.
The people you see on your way or as you sit, some alone, some in company are a world to themselves, the moments you observe are but an instant in life you cannot begin to fathom. For from whence they came to hence they go remains a mystery. If you follow one, where goes the others?
Clouds of distress
You hear the cackle of laughter, yet, it might be a shield, an escape from another situation for which words cannot be found. We roam our worlds almost like listless clouds some bearing violent storms that ruin the landscape below, life and livelihood brought to waste. Some shifting for the brilliance and warmth of the sun to come through, others shielding from the radiative destruction of the rays of our planet’s life-giver.
You wonder if each cloud has a purpose, the present and absence of which that make the difference in a day and as you add up the days, the end of the year is a harvest, for some other clouds brought the rain to water the grain. One is not a nephologist and do not mistake that for a nephrologist.
For me, there is a mystery in people as there is of clouds, their forms, their motion, their dispersal, the experience of standing in a cloud on a tourist trip to Mt. Teide on the Canary Island of Tenerife.
Winds of change
In people, there is another aspect of clouds, the ones that cloud the eyes that you cannot see clearly or worst still, a clouded mind that finds it difficult or impossible to comprehend, to reason, or to think. These clouds have given some countries the worst leaders in the most trying times.
If only there were a wind of change and this wind is a carriage of the people by their voices, in their acts and through their votes to sweep these stormy clouds way out to the seas where turbulence and meet turbulence without harming anyone else.
Creatives of empowerment
Back to the fields, the fields of life and even the expansive field of the Internet, whilst taking a bench on Twitter, I saw a kite of such beautiful colours and when it landed, it was in the Instagram flower garden of the Uncles David, two amazing married men who have been together for decades of love and life, pairing up in the same apparel and smiling encouragement to us all, even as they face the frailties of the body.
It is from Uncle David that I found this saying and it is one I will not forget. “I challenge you to invoke your creativity, not as an escape, but rather as an empowerment.” David K North.
Away from the clouds and within the beautiful garden of flowers carved out of the wild fields we find ourselves in from time to time, I present the Instagram page of David K North, many things to many people, a place I found to meditate and get inspired. [Instagram – David K North]

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