Tuesday 12 May 2020

Whatever it takes

Words that can never suffice

The travails of a long-distance relationship leaves you with nothing than the tools of expression in words and gestures, some that never come close to the depth of emotion that gives enduring strength and life to the relationship.
Even when you think you have the inspiration to say something that attempts to deviate from the cliched phrases, you find that someone probably has put those words to song or poetry, that you could be tempted there is no scope for originality. I am a hapless romantic, not one to suggest the capability of the Songs of Solomon or the versatility of Shakespeare’s Sonnets.
Other words to the rescue
There is always something borrowed and something reused, in its new application and adaptation you can still convey a depth of feeling that grows and glows as each day comes and goes. In the past few days, there are thoughts I have had of Brian that have been expressed in a song I chanced upon.
Reading the lyrics as the music played, I could not choose which part was the more relatable, it all seemed to come together in one evolving and beautiful story. From whatever it takes through every moment spent near him is like a renewed miracle that soothes all my pain. Then, I tell him, I am here to make him happy, make him smile and make him feel good, as we put behind the hurt and pain of the past for a future of our wildest dreams.
I am sure, to anyone who has ever loved another so deeply, you can find the words in this song that gives a new meaning the life and love you share. It’s about telling, giving, assurance, concern, engagement, distance, returning, comfort, and love.
Whatever It Takes (Compositions 1990)
I've always told you
I'd give you anything
My baby you've been my best, my only friend
There's nothing like the joy you bring
I wonder what would happen
If you would trust in me
I'd make you believe; I'd make you see
No need to run from me
I'd make you feel like never before
Here I stand, heart in hand, help me find the door
Anybody can see baby, you've been hurt before
Let me heal all your pain, won't ever hurt no more
Whatever it takes to make you happy, baby
Whatever it takes to make you smile
Whatever it takes to make you feel good, baby
I'll be around
One moment spent near you
Removes all my pain,
Your miracle soothes me
Your hurricane moves me
I cannot explain
Burdens get heavy
Become too much to bear
Honey, don't you say nothing
Hold on, I'm coming
I want you to know that I'll be there
I'll make you feel like never before
Willing and able, baby, open up the door
Anybody can see, baby, you've been hurt before
Let me heal all your pain
Never let you hurt anymore
Oh, ahh, ahh, hmmm
My, my, my, my, my
Writer(s): Anita Baker, Gerald Levert, Marc Gordon
[Courtesy of AZLyrics]

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