Sunday 1 March 2020

Thought Picnic: The stewardship of the Lent

Lent some things
We sometimes do not realise that we are entrusted with a lifetime responsibility of stewardship, the stewardship of time, the stewardship of resources, the stewardship of relationships, the stewardship of purpose and by consequence the stewardship of life.
In a moment of reflection, I thought about the Christian season of Lent, the preparation towards Easter in the church calendar that traditionally pertains to prayer and fasting, a call to restraint, the abandonment of excess, where penitence, self-denial, self-examination, and study is supposed to bring us back to a reckoning of why we are here, for what purpose, and whether we are living to the fulness of our potential.
Lent to know
Yet, the matter of stewardship in my mind derives from a reassessment of what Lent is, for fasting is not something I have developed a propensity for, medical conditions would probably exempt me. Some restraint I have had, maybe moderation or denial, self-examination requires a bit more work even if my best friend says I critique myself too harshly, I hope it makes for having more consideration of my position before I address others.
Then, I have no issue with hypocrisy for as I have said before, it is a knowledge thing that requires action from both parties. If the person with a beam in their eye can see another with a speck in their eye, the decent thing is to inform rather than remain silent. With information, both can probably help remove the speck and the beam from each other’s eyes to see clearly. What would be wrong is to sit with vision obstructed in self-satisfactory contentment.
Lent to do
When Lent as a noun indicating a season in which we might do things is converted into a verb as if we are lent something with which we are to engage in a profitable venture, stewardship begins to make sense. For that, the time we are lent to use must not be wasted, the resources we are lent by providences must be used wisely, the relationships we are lent by accident, association, or engagement must be cultivated with care and consideration and we are lent the opportunity of purpose, we must strive to see it through.
I would be the first to say that much of what I have been lent I have not judiciously used. In my moments of reflection, I wonder about what I could have done better for different outcomes. I try not to indulge in excessive self-flagellation, there is enough regret and ruefulness in the world. My hope is to have learnt something from my failings and find a better result.
Lent to discern
Indeed, there are times I wish I knew things long before I suffered needlessly, that little voice that speaks almost like a prognosticator needs to get more timbre and volume, my clogged inner ears need a good de-waxing too.
The circumstances are testing, the immediacy of need can easily defeat the will, still, one must stand the test of faith, trust, and service to enter into the ministry of angels. Angels as providence, fortune, blessing and grace.
I hope to have made the best stewardship of the things I have been lent, most importantly, the heart of a man who means so much to me, my love is true and my desire is keen for our hopes to be real. That is just the beginning of even greater expectations.

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