Saturday 7 March 2020

Thought Picnic: For love that stands the test

The tests of purpose
There are moments in life when we are called to the test, in relationships that matter more than any other to face the many trials that might stress the bonds of attraction and affinity.
The test of character is one where your honest and true allegiance is put forth, for who that is pledged to must know without any doubt that your commitment is unshakeable by the trivial or the critical. For this one hopes to stand steadfast through it all.
The test of time is one of progress and growth, for it takes time to know, to learn and to understand. In it, you see to observe, you hear to listen, you touch to feel, you speak to affect. Much as time can heal, time will seal the bits that can make two hearts be as one.
The tests of resolve
The test of distance is distance is one that taxes the most, for proximity is lost in the expression of feeling and intimacy. This requires work, to keep the fire burning, to give confidence that the bonds are solid. In the absence of communion, communication becomes the link, the link to keep the relationship watered, sunned, and pruned during the time of being apart.
The test of hope is the look beyond the present, towards the plans for what might change that the tests and the trials are left for the testimonies. The mystery of love is the many tests and trials of person, experience, circumstance, situation, character, time, and distance that it faces down, challenge after challenge without failing, fainting, waning. It finds new strength with each test, for the prize is worth every battle.
The triumph of love
Love conquers all, forgives all, encourages all, lifts up all, and brings forth the happiness of the soul and the joy of the heart.
We have the faith to move mountains, we have the hope to make a future that exceeds the expectations of our wildest dreams, but as we reach for completeness, where faith, hope and love endures, the greatest of these is love. [I Corinthians 13:13]

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