Thursday 19 March 2020

Then I found someone

The answer to my questions
Where can this love be found? This question became a blog of deep grief, uncertain wonder, recurrent reminiscing, and disturbing thoughts. To a point, I realised I could no more force it, the objects of affection were reduced to plants, roses that bloom but were a harvest of thorns that choked away the passion before it became a fashion. The flower withering long you brought your nose to embrace the whiff of a scent that betrays its beauty.
Another was like cactus, attractive in the desert, sometimes with colour, deceptively suggesting an oasis is nearby, but needing neither care nor attention, self-satisfied in the nutrients it gleans from nature, surviving on hardship than love, just as prickly to the touch that it fits in no garden. Not even in the Eden of dreams.
To some friends, the interests were discussed terms of plants much as there was one who in his internment might well have nourished the plants that thrived on his grave. I did not know where that love could be found.
Then I found paradise,
As I looked deep in his eyes,
In the embrace of his arms,
All my storms, it calms.
That is a poem or a song to be completed eventually because I found someone and fell so crazy in love with him. Yes, we find love and it is wonderful to express.

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