Tuesday 2 June 2015

Where can this love be found?

The recurring questions
Does he still grieve at the loss of one he desired but never really got to have and to hold for long?
Does he still wonder why the other who he desired never really committed their heart to it?
Does he still reminisce about the stolen moments of pleasure and happiness he once had with those he thought he loved?
Does he still think he is probably just unlucky in love?
The questions are many and the choices are few, the people who seem to have everything he desires in a partner are rarely about to give much more than a moment in time.
Looking for an answer
Yet, he seeks not the perfect nor does it have to be so beautiful, but it has to be right, in the look and in the heart. In the sharing and the caring, the daring and the fearing, one must find love. A lovelorn romantic lost in the daydreaming of expectations and unrequited desires turning to ache and pain.
A love that dare not speak its name, but yearns to express itself with ululation that words cannot ever express. A companion for the heart-to-heart, the lip-to-lips, the head-to-shoulder, the hand-in-hand, the walk-in-stride, the cuddle-at-home, the ear-to-hear, the tears-to-dry.
He asks, where can this love be found? Where can this love be found, he asks?

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