Wednesday 16 October 2013

Thought Picnic: The Plague of Distraction

Distraction is the order of the day, damning the mind of the concentration necessary for productive engagement.
Some days come when the mind cannot toe the line of purpose; aims lie fallow in angst-ridden anxiety that assails opportunity slipping away from the grasp.
The will to do is lost to lethargy and worry begins to stretch forth tentacles of the procrastinate failings becoming a new reality.
The benefit of hindsight then becomes the certainty of regret, things that in times past never happened are reaped in the sorrow of waste, indolence and haste.
But the time that has past, is past, it can only be profited from if demands are not made for those things yet undone as scope is then left for understanding and focus to gain importance in one's mission again.
Distraction of the mind is seated in the thoughts that drive the doings, many hardly useful. Your attention is divided, you become error-prone forgetting that your vulnerability is exposed by the obstinate, hubristic and sometimes foolish practice called multitasking.
The lesson to learn is to be rid of your distractions before they take a pound of flesh.

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