Monday 21 October 2013

Thought Picnic: The quiet place

The place to be
Sometimes we need to know our quiet place, the place where within the turmoil and the disarray that surrounds we can steal away and find a place of safety.
The safety we seek is essential for making sense of life and finding perspective when things do not look right.
I find my quiet in many places, the best is when I am travelling, when I embark on a long journey, a calm descends upon me as if I am caught away halfway to paradise. I make time for travel when I can afford it.
Memories we must cherish
Through my life, I have also found milestones, times when I have apparently felt so good, so well, and almost too sure, without a care in the world.
A colour, a smell, some music and the memories convey me to a place to daydream out of the present and latch on to the affirmative.
I do this not to find reasons to regret, but to appreciate that I have had a wonderful and blessed life full of many things to be thankful for, and that is a good thing.
For wonder and awe
Nature also offers a great sense of awe and wonder, be it in a forest, listening to carefree birds chirping in the trees or watching the wash of large bodies of water ebb and flow against banks or shores; mysteries expressed in beauty that words will never speak, but the heart and mind will fully understand, poured into the senses like an elixir of life.
Know how to find your quiet place, your break away from the rat race, where you can leave that hustle and bustle that will nevertheless continue whether or not you are part of it because there is always more to life and more to live for than the endless quest for survival.

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