Tuesday 29 October 2013

The Memories of a Castaway

The farewells
One bright morning just four weeks after returning from a business trip, he returned to the airport, with a one-way ticket in his hand.
The check-in was easy, and the absence of that pregnant customs officer who seized his passport just six weeks earlier asking for a handout was a great relief. He wondered whether the corrupt during gestation brought forth more corruption upon the earth.
It took the wiliness of his travel companion then to retrieve the passport after he palmed her filthy grubby hands with illicit silver.
His friends gathered, and he recollects, "we hugged and shook hands before we parted ways waving goodbyes without tears."
Bye for long
The scheduled take-off time had moved, and it was another five hours before they finally took to the air and one last glimpse of home became a distant memory of almost 23 years.
The boy is lost to one home and found in another home, affinities split between homes of ancestry and homes of birth, the latter bringing more satisfaction.
However, the passage of time comes with the experience of events and the news from afar of tales make sad songs a refuge for a season.
Lost for good?
What the boy has not suffered too badly is nostalgia, he can be removed and be placed in another place and another time to adapt. He has learnt to bargain for the best deal than challenge for the indifference of a rotten deal.
His people are growing older, his links are growing weaker; weighted down at times in seething resentfulness left unaddressed by conflicts that go back decades, all fondness suffering a contemn.
Sometimes, he really cannot be that bothered anymore, they have parted ways for so long that technology is just a tenuous link leveraged for convenience.
The boy is lost and not looking to be found.

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