Tuesday 8 October 2013

Thought Picnic: Perspectives of marital strife

Some things we see
The beginning of marital strife is sometimes ignited by indifference, unconcern and ignoring the essential, the important, the critical and the necessary.
Exemplified typically in the domestic setting when the one with whom the responsibility lies ignores the issues that should keep torment away from the door.
I have observed people have their health begin to fail because of the stresses of these matters, rents or mortgages allowed to accumulate, standard outgoings not met on time leading to delinquency actions, threats and orders plaguing every waking day – this is not life.
Take charge
Usually, the problem is normally not with both partners, the more responsible will have to take charge, exert influence and become assertive to grab control of a failing situation.
It does not signify the end of marital strife, but it affords the opportunity to sort things out if only for health sake at first and hopefully they can begin to repair the breach that has developed between them before the situation becomes irretrievable.

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