Tuesday 1 October 2013

Blogging: Why You Should Blog

Why you should blog
Recently, I have found myself telling people I interact with on Facebook and on Twitter to start a blog. I feel this is important because the structure of status updates on either Facebook or Twitter along with many other social media forums do not lend themselves to proper documentation, archiving, referencing or access.
Now, there are aggregator tools like Storify that allow you to pool the sets of thoughts that are posted on many social media forums, but the kind of thinking that informs social media postings is quite different from that which goes into writing a freeform blog.
It is fun to do
As I complete 10 years of blogging in December 2013 and look back at over 2,000 blogs, I can say I have a large Internet footprint that represents my views about life, social issues, political commentary, opinions, history and the occasional levity.
A blog is easy to create, my blogs, both personal and professional are hosted by Google’s Blogger, but accessible with domains I have purchased, though you do not need to have a domain at the onset, others use WordPress, Tumblr, TypePad and many other blog hosting platforms. [Best Blogging Platforms]
You have a story
The most simplistic advice I give about blogging is, everyone has a view, a perspective, a story and a life, usually made interesting by the voice we give to the experiences we have had – a blog is whom you are, where you are, how you feel and the way that situation affects you.
That could easily be four sentences every day, every other day, or every week, it all depends on how you are inspired, and it is not hard. As you develop the blogging skill, you can begin to touch on topical issues, research, opinion and begin to project as an authority on issues.
Your space, your face
Your blog is your space, you have control over what you have written, you can constantly return to review, refine, update and manage what you put out there and it is a reference point for others to visit and learn more of you in a space that you control.
However, the advice I share the most with those who want to blog is this – a blog should be written with the sense of a seamstress making a good skirt, it should be short enough to keep the interest, but long enough to cover the detail.

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