Sunday 27 October 2013

Thought Picnic: Coming to terms with my stupidity

My stupid scars
Sometimes I wonder about the stupid things that I have done that has left deep and enduring scars.
Stitched up and left to heal, I tinker with the freshness of the wounds preventing its prompt healing whilst enduring the pain and itch as if they have become comforts of my existence.
Then I come to myself. The scars will remain but they must become stories, having their own long tales of how I acquired them, but having my body recover, recuperate, regenerated and restored.
Constantly, I have to alert myself to what is good for me and what militates against my health and welfare.
Scars of beauty and hope
Time to nurse my scars to health and deal with the things that so easily distract me, the quest to please myself, the need for approbation in attempting to please people and understanding that from a spiritual standpoint, my God is pleased with me; I just need to understand, honour and become more aware of that truth.
Loved, blessed and favoured beyond what I can find words to express, a rediscovery of spirituality brings grounding without which one is distracted, uninspired and listless.
I am learning new things, and this is offering opportunity and expectations. The story continues; we are on the up.

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