Tuesday 29 October 2013

Thought Picnic: The tracks of a spider on my skin

Lumbered out of slumber
I have not accepted the fact that I probably suffer from insomnia even though some close friends have observed my erratic sleeping patterns.
My pill time is usually in the 2-hour window between 23:00 hours and 01:00 hours, suggesting I am awake until about 02:00 hours in the morning.
Once I am in bed, I polish off a few tweets, sometimes I get into a scrap many will consider rank floccinaucinihilipilification, but that is part of making light of a long day.
Sounds for bounds
Some music, a teaching, or audio lectures become the background sound of my descent into slumber that rarely stretches beyond 3 hours, if I do not wake up at least once in that period.
However, I have learnt to sleep with no background sounds and eliminated the fear of my mind wandering too far for me to control; the nightmares that feast on the agitated seeds of my imagination.
Lights, I still need, and that story is longer than I have time to tell or write about. I have somewhat found a way to sleep short, but rest well, even if I could do with a lot more sleep.
After my second short session of sleep that brought the dawning of the day, I said a little prayer and rolled over to interact with my social media community.
Derma arachnida
I felt a tingling itch asking for a scratch on my arm. And there, between the rational that saw a spider and the split second of the reflex of a flailed arm of its disappearance onto the camouflaged protection of the carpet; I realised I did not have enough information to ask for an antidote if I had been stung by the spider.
I guess that sometimes defines how we react to circumstances. The information we have acquired in the split second that requires the patience of another few seconds to make rational decisions based on getting better informed is lost to reflex and reaction that you are left none the wiser about the experience.
Surely, my spider moment is no exercise in floccinaucinihilipilification, is it?

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