Thursday 29 August 2013

Thought Picnic: Giving Them A Good Piece Of My Mind

A piece of my mind
Seeing a psychologist gives you the opportunity to speak your mind without prejudice and that is what I did when we met this afternoon.
I relayed to her what happened with regards to meeting with her, the social worker, the doctor and Lewisham Housing Services, then I spoke of my expectations making clear comparisons with experiences I had with similar circumstances in The Netherlands.
The gaping holes in the safety net
The fact is the system for handling exceptional cases like mine where I do not seem to fit into pre-defined categories, but have a compelling case worthy of assessment and consideration is disjointed, incoherent and basically a mess.
I did not mince my words in suggesting that I had no confidence in the processes they had in place, which over two weeks ago a nurse said, “If none of these steps we have decided to take do not take us forward, we are doing something wrong.”
I will rephrase that and say they are doing everything wrong, these are people who meet others in need daily, they are supposed to be clued in, aware, full of initiative and able to give the direction necessary to negotiate the hurdles an ordinary person like myself will meet if I did not engage the services of the hospital.
Joining up the dots
We probably will make more progress now, a report will be sent to all those involved in my medical care to ensure that are all on the same page that I do not have to recount my story again and again as if I am meeting them for the first time.
I will also get a letter addressed to whomever it may concern about my condition, my treatment, the standard of care and stability I require to continue in good physical and mental health so that I can be a more productive member of the society doing what I am professionally equipped to do.
This letter should have been part of the initiative and consideration of anyone involved but we have now taken action to remediate the process.
We’ll see
I have not been convinced to join a support group where a representative has done little to fulfil his end of the bargain to call me first and make other arrangements – I am probably too old-fashioned for all this stuff expecting to be treated with respect, dignity and in a gentlemanly manner – goes without saying that one expects this standard, and it would have to be demanded and received for there to be any progress in that area.
I am yet to see any results but by the time I have another meeting on Tuesday, we’ll see if all this was worth it or another fatuous and vacuous exercise in form-filling to no particular end.

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