Friday 2 August 2013

Thought Picnic: They say and it does

Say a little
My silent prayer as each day comes and goes, long and short depending on the excitement it brings or the disappointment it sows is that I never be so exhausted that I begin to lose hope.
However, I am only human, subject to everyday emotions, moods that attempt to billow in the wind but sometimes seem to have been swept by a hurricane – a deafening sound of foreboding and scurry for shelter as one decides to be deaf and blind to the storm to find words that speak peace from deep inside.
Think it
I need insight and I need ideas, I cannot afford not to appreciate what I need to do and much as I need to know how to go about it – it is a constant process of innovation and reinventing of oneself, weighing options and discarding choices until everything begins to work the way things should.
Yes, I tire, but cannot retire, I am buffeted from all sides, blow after blow after blow, none without consequence but for every weakness that the blows exploit, I find even more strength from recesses I never knew I had to withstand and stand – I will not be vanquished.
Get there
The battle, they say, is in the mind and so I refuse to allow the clouds of gloom to gather for a thunderstorm of a crisis that no emergency can attend but rise above the cover that defines the weather into the light and warmth of sun to receive enlightenment and encouragement.

It shall pass, it cannot come to stay, but like it has been written from time before, and it came to pass that what was expected endured beyond what one dreamt was ever possible – such is the power of hope in the spirit of the man – to see and to attain.

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