Thursday 1 August 2013

Thought Picnic: As Runner-Up Miss Congeniality, I Didn't Quite Make It

For beauty for desire
The modelling agency called to say they found my portfolio online and they were interested in entering me for a contest since I had the figure, the charm and the statistics that will suit the collection that was soon to be shown.
At first, a viewing and photo-shoot was to take place in a few days, but the agent who made the original arrangement had gone on a scouting mission, leaving me in the hands of another who did not seem to know the difference between a bustier and a corset, I was quite patient as we arranged another photo-shoot two days hence.
Looking good on the catwalk
Regaling myself in a shimmering evening gown having spent hours waxing, making-up, having my manicure and pedicure done, with a change of apparel to do a swimsuit, casual and formal showing, I arrived at the catwalk a good half an hour early.
Somehow, the couturier could not be found as messages were left for him to come to receive his guest.
With hardly a minute to the appointed time, he appeared with the director in charge of design and fashion procurement and we got down to the session and the changes.
Somehow, it was a half fitting contest and a half beauty contest, with the other contestant in the running doing her own thing too.
Tearing my hair out
I was to hear soon whether I had been selected but this decision did not come for a week, meanwhile, the modelling agent and the other were displaying levels of unprofessionalism that beggared belief even though I made no point of highlighting that fact, I tried to be less concerned about it, the session with the couturier was very good, I did feel confident.
So, finally with my patience running out, I made a last enquiry for two reasons, to get an assessment of the session and hopefully to also get a nod about having won the contest.
Congratulations! You’re the runner-up
It was then that I heard that the couturier was quite impressed with my showing but with regrets that it was difficult for him to decide and in the end the decision came down to this, ‘the other model was slightly more suitable from a personality perspective.’
In a two-person beauty contest I was runner-up for Miss Congeniality, I guess I do need a makeover, now where do I start?

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