Monday 26 August 2013

Thought Picnic: The earnest of a let-down

Churning thoughts
It is sometimes difficult to be left to one’s thoughts as event and episode provide material to ruminate over and over again of absence and occupation.
For life does go on for those who have much doing whilst those seeking something to do are left idling about course, cause, purpose, perspective and direction.
Yet, the days coming present opportunities to show oneself again as able and capable, even so there are some ready to prepare you for an unsure future which might well be bright and rosy.
Smothered from bother
Snapping back to the thoughts you wonder again, the sympathy moves nothing forward but the fact that things are known whilst the promises made remain unfulfilled that one must stretch to do what one is barely equipped to do.
Burdened by emotions beyond oneself of urgency and tendency, the day lays waste before the dusk is done.
One must however abandon the thoughts before regret and betrayal become the seeds of self-pity and dark clouds billow of despair and discouragement bearing acid rain because of being alone in the loneliness of a stupefying lonesomeness. They must not bother for the bothersome is nowhere but here.

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