Thursday 8 August 2013

Thought Picnic: Mindful of essential peace

Mindful of essential peace
There are so many things that engage the mind, the thoughts for the day, the fears for future, and the interactions on the Internet through email and social media forums as well as conversations on the phone.
You feel you are connected yet in some ways you are disconnected, you plan, you plot, you conceive, you purpose, you execute and sometimes you fail and try again.
It becomes the cycle of life, the day to day wishing and hoping with the gentle assurance that things will eventually turn out right.
Each breath you take is a constant gift of life, of health and the wealth to invest in the time you have to make a mark where you are and further afield.
You must find a place of happiness, a cove of peace and a sea of tranquillity to shelter you from the chaos and turmoil out there, the noisome pestilence as the Psalmist says.
As night falls and tomorrow dawns, with all the hardship that presents today, tomorrow comes with the promise of a better day.

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