Wednesday 14 April 2010

Celibacy, sexual urges and the Vatican still in denial

The cardinal is wrong
I cannot believe that after calling a friend to order on the conflation of paedophilia and homosexuality a senior cardinal went ahead to reaffirm this rotten assertion [1].
Again, to protect the tenets and principles of this 1700 year old institution they would rather blame human frailty on some issue on which people would willingly take a moral stance without objectivity than one on which people might question seemingly inhuman religious diktat that restricts the full expression of our humanity.
In fact, I could contend that celibacy probably has more to do with clerical sexual abuse than homosexuality.
As I was chatting to a friend yesterday whose observance of these deplorable activities of the Vatican were leading her to question her beliefs she gave me an insight on this matter I never before considered.
Boys available for sexual necessities
Apparently, most of those abused by priests served in the church as altar boys or even maybe choir boys meaning an availability of boys as an outlet for the sexually frustrated and repressed.
It goes without saying that girls were also abused but in the circumstances any living thing might well have been an outlet for sexual urges of those who decided to exploit the circumstances and commit the crimes of child sexual abuse.
As she said in words I am forced to use to convey the severity of the matter, “They would have fucked anything.” That anything would have been anything available and that would have unfortunately been mainly boys who in their innocence, trust and service to God would have been groomed to serve the priests.
Sex does define not sexuality
The stricture of religious vows the priests existed under meant they would have been secretive as well as menacing to prevent their activities being exposed to a laity that would not have taken kindly to the abuse of privilege and authority.
There is a possibility that some of the clergy abusers might really have been homosexual but their abuse was one of opportunity and necessity.
As a parallel, there is no doubt that in single sex prisons the inmates would find sexual outlets amongst themselves; to then brand everyone who finds that sexual satisfaction as homosexual is just absurd – the situation is just one of necessity.
Being able to quote studies and statistics of linkages between homosexuality, paedophilia and even celibacy is convenient for the Vatican that fails to see that they do have a problem they are not ready to address.
The Vatican left behind
If the Vatican cannot begin to face up to the fact that they have been caught out by the evolutions of society in the 21st Century and begin to address the matters with a sense of humanity, humility, moral integrity and contriteness, they are with their absurd pronouncements on the verge of irrelevance.
Eventually, the firm adherents of Catholicism would begin to doubt, question, criticise and vacate the authority of the church for other denominations that offer a better sense of adaptation to humanity expected of any institution in any societal setting.
In the end, the opprobrium homosexuals receive of the churches is atrocious as if the man Jesus Christ did not also die on the cross for homosexuals as much as all of mankind according to Christian teachings – you begin to wonder who is anyone in the church to stand as sentinel what Jesus Christ apparently came to do for everyone.

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