Thursday 8 April 2010

South Africa: Malema, the glaring face of the worst of Africa's youth

Love the Boer
It was heartening to read this morning that the ANC had advised its members to refrain from singing [1] the liberation struggle song “Shoot the Boer”.
There was a time when the song was one to sing to enjoin the oppressed black people under the utterly repressive apartheid rule to rally to a cause beyond the peaceful struggle for majority rule.
If I heard an old man sing the song it would be a recollection of exploits but with the wisdom and gratitude for the fact that times have changed for a new kind of song asking the government to do more for its people - all of them.
No doubt this advice was particularly directed at the leader of the ANC Youth League, a controversial yob in leadership with populist rhetoric tailored to cultivate strife, animosity, discord, riot and division; in these times, the song is hateful, can incite to violence and is outrageously intemperate.
Roguish youth
Mr. Julius Malema [2] who is just 29 could have symbolised a bright future for the young South African but all he has been able to do is court controversy after controversy with brashness, recklessness and demagoguery.
His extreme views are unhealthy, unwholesome and atrocious, basically a mirror image of the worst of the oppressors that were on the other side of that struggle. However, a somewhat timid ANC leadership has been reticent about tackling the whippersnapper head on and calling him to order. Such an untrammelled attack dog can be useful for ulterior political ends by malevolent persons with influence, power and money.
Mr. Malema only last week arrogated the right to sing the liberation song though he was just 13 – hardly a liberation struggle veteran – when the Madiba assumed the presidency of South Africa and worked to reconcile and unite the peoples of South Africa - In Malema is a rabble rouser in manifestation not a man of vision and great ideas, a brute, if you ever saw one.
It is obvious that he sees no role model in the very revered Nelson Mandela as he was only last week being feted [3] by the Grand Despot of Africa – Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe – only an idiot would see any benefit accrued to Zimbabwe after those deplorable land seizures.
The need for better leaders
The youth of South Africa really have to decide once and for all the kind of person they would want to lead them, one that portends to align with history whilst being an idiot of the present or one that has qualities that unite, encourage and uplift all the people for greater expectations for the future.
Mr. Malema lacks all those good qualities by miles, he should begin to lack followership by the millions too.
What we have is an egotistical megalomaniac [4] in the making with despotic inclinations that would with heartless retribution silence any criticism no matter how constructive, fair or just – Africa needs none such any more and this example needs to be shorn of all its influence forthwith. Lest I forget, one song down, the machine gun song of President Zuma needs to go too.

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