Monday 12 April 2010

Nigeria: New Blood NOT Incredibly Bad Blood

Selling bad blood
I remember using public transport facilities in Lagos where snake-oil merchants and charlatans invaded our comforts with remedies that they portended would wipe out every disease.
What most people seemed to want to get rid off was bad blood, not so much the emotion but the belief that there was some stream of blood in their systems that was bad and could be urinated or excreted out after consuming one of these many concoctions.
Since none of the potions came with any scientific study or traceable detail enough to accost the peddler in case of poisoning or injury to self, I found it strange that anyone would be persuaded to buy the stuff.
Persuaded they were and God only knows if they lived to see the next day after taking the “right” dosage, but then the medicine was not necessarily a cure for death.
Bad blood leaders
When in comes to leadership in Nigeria, there are many of those leaders of the past who have been streams, rivers, if not oceans of bad blood and rotten influence in that country.
The only remedy to which is a complete venesection with the infusion of new blood; it goes without saying that Nigeria needs new blood, in thinking, direction, vision, opportunity, leadership and future.
The thought that one of those old leaders of yesterday can contend to have a second bite at leadership is deplorable and unwarranted – it is amazing that these same people have not been able to raise capable lieutenants that convey a sense of greatness for Nigeria.
It is really the height of hubris that some of these people do not think anyone else is able to do that job except themselves but as Nigerians have seen their track records and they have nothing good in store for Nigeria.
Gallons of bad blood
Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida [1] is incredibly bad blood; his ascent would only poison the already weakened state of Nigeria, hastening it to an avoidable death but we must rise to ensure that his quest is foundered on the rocks of retribution and justice long before he finds a platform to stand on.
This is the man who inflicted on Nigeria the worst possible travesty of popular suffrage; if he had cancelled the elections before we voted, it would have been understandable, in fact, if like Myanmar he annulled the elections after all the results had been declared at least we would have known where we stood on that matter – he cancelled the election with half of the results released leaving us all in a quandary about what might or might not have been.
There is no way that we should stupidly be oblivious of history and allow this nasty man to earn the rewards of democracy when he himself when he had the power to ensure its validity abrogated the wishes of Nigerians like some omnipotent demigod beyond the passions of mere humans.
Demand new blood
It is time for all those oligarchs, kleptomaniacs and political jobbers to go and be a closed chapter of our history; they have been recycled so many times that no more useful purpose can found of them, it is like what once could have been used beneficially as manure has completely lost that function for destructiveness of life and soil.
Nigeria deserves better than the old, tainted, failed and wanting, we demand the new, the refreshing, the hopeful, the visionary, the able, the honest, the fair, the just, the competent, even the young – in short, new blood.
There should be no doubt in every living Nigerian’s mind that Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida has failed to live up to any of those aspirational standards and there is no redeeming factor that indicates he has the ability to offer us something beyond machinations of his “evil genius”.

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