Thursday 15 April 2010

What a day it was

All laid most failed
Home, a place to be, especially after a long interesting day, I had basically been out for 13 hours and there was never a dull moment.
We had great plans for the day, a whole raft of changes we confidently put together and researched to infinity only to find the whole scheme decimated by others who until it became obvious they needed to be seriously involved had been at best indifferent.
Meanwhile as the day matured, the realities of the other decimations became evident, beyond the quip of Iceland being able to affect us economically and environmentally people who needed to fly found they were grounded.
The nature beyond us
UK airports were closing and it was only a matter of time before Amsterdam Schiphol airspace was closed, looking at the boards, literally everything had been cancelled and no arrivals expected earlier than 05:00 hours.
The disruption is spreading south but the volcano seems to be in an emetic abandon, not a sight to beyond.
At work, each milestone we planned to reach was being removed by sudden exaggerated concerns; hopefully some lessons have been learnt because things cannot continue like this at all.
Some hope for many escapes
Not all transport suffered, the buses still ran, the trains were on time with additional services to Belgium, and the Amsterdam Passenger’s Terminal had a huge cruise liner docked with probably the people tasting things in our esteemed coffee shops.
The people who could not fly out might really be so cross whilst those who could not fly in might well still have another day of holidays – how I wish I was far away – but one phone call I got today just threw confusion into when and how my sickness benefits would be decided and paid up.
The Holy Father asks us to do penance, but how that helps those who had no resistance, I would not know, maybe the repentance of the offender is supposed to be the deliverance of the victim – where is the chapter and verse?
Now, a late dinner, my pills, my bed and tomorrow – Deo volente is another day.

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