Sunday 18 April 2010

Thought Picnic: Deleted but not forgotten

Spring-cleaning the mobile phone
I picked up my mobile phone with a feeling of social interaction and awakening, scanned the contacts list and decided to call a few friends I had not spoken to in a quite a while.
Most of the calls went to their answering services apart from two others than were disconnected numbers, those I deleted and dual entries were cleaned up.
In the process, I came across another two numbers, ones I could call but was sure I would never get the expected person ever answering again.
With a tinge of sadness, I removed those contacts from my contact list and then wondered where they could be remembered and my memories of them kept in some place for posterity sake.
I devoted blogs to them and sometimes in deep introspection or times of feeling vulnerable I realise they were taken away in similar circumstances that I have been blessed and fortunate to survive.
They are remembered fondly as friends and very much missed, but I also believe as they have been my supporters in times passed that they would have loved me to live life to the full because they in their own adversity before me were full of life, full of humour and brightened my outlook.
They are not forgotten and even though they are no more on my phone, I still want to thank Dick and Chris for being my friends. Thank you.

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