Friday 2 April 2010

Nigeria: Mr. Yar'Adua no more commands respect

The haters of Nigeria

There is no doubt that there are people determined to destabilise the country by any means, the sycophants who lost influence after their patron went comate are striving to resurrect the invisible with releases that cannot be proven and may only be believed on their cognisance if they command that level of respect.

By now, any self respecting person regardless of allegiance or authority must have lost every ounce of respect for President Yar'Adua as he haunts the corridors of power hanging on to office for dear life as if he is waiting for his deputy to erase the mistakes of his office before he returns.

He commands no respect anymore

I would hope there is nothing that can offer redemption to Mr. Umaru Yar'Adua if he suddenly finds himself able and capable as a man and then competent to step into the office that he viably held until the 23rd of November 2009.

It is unfortunate, the Mr. Yar'Adua fell ill as any mortal being could, but the grave error of judgement and leadership was not to intimate us on his condition having already been derelict in responsibility by not handing over to the Vice-President when he fully knew he was going away for medical treatment albeit under the guise of some official function in Saudi Arabia.

It is everyone's prayer that Mr. Yar'Adua does have a full recovery, but he retains no authority or claim to the office of President even though substantively that title by accident of process is still his to command.

The best is an apology

If ever he dares to return it should be to handover his resignation and offer a grovelling apology to all Nigerians for having plunged the country into confusion and left us open to global derision whilst the country drifted for almost three months rudderless, leaderless and in strife.

Things are now too far gone with the Acting President in charge who successfully got the core majority of his ministerial nominations through the Nigerian Senate in under two weeks.

Nigeria does deserve a lot better than Mr. Yar'Adua, he does not command any respect or dignity that offers him the opportunity for a second chance at holding that esteemed office of the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Jonathan is the man of the times

It is so much more critical that the quality and preponderance of support be behind President Goodluck Jonathan until the next election whilst all the basic courtesies are extended to Mr. Yar'Adua as the ex-President with all the retirement emoluments that such persons receive.

I have noticed a glut of marches by all sorts of sections of society for one thing or the other, but the most important thing to march for is to retain Dr. Goodluck Jonathan as President and refuse to countenance the idea of plain Mr. Yar'Adua exercising any influence on the affairs of state anymore.

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