Tuesday 20 April 2010

Reaching a milestone of work that pays

A milestone passed
Looking back and seeing the path on which I have travelled, there is no doubt I have come a long way.
And how best to appreciate that amazing journey than to look in my bank account this afternoon and find that I have been paid for the work I did in March.
Yes, the month of March offered me five working days and that was a week’s pay for 40 hours, my very first income in a year wherein I have been very, very ill, treated with chemotherapy and recuperating all together for 9 long months.
Though nowhere near my earning potential at my last project before those circumstances, the thought that one has been productive enough to get paid is like the feeling I had regarding my very first job some 29 years ago.
More thanks again
Without doubt, I have been nurtured and nourished on the full cream milk of human kindness from neighbours, friends and colleagues – in so many ways, no matter how small, it has been for me a bountiful harvest of grace and favour.
It is good to know that one can now begin to do something about those bills, every little bit is a start to forestall the incessant harassment especially the one that has harangued me in the name of Queen. I never told them, that could well be my name.
I have every reason to be thankful, the future is bright, my days are fun and life is beautiful – to everyone that loves life, cherish your health and keep it strong, it is your foundation to wealth and the breath of fresh air each glorious day.
Thank you one, thank you all.

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