Monday 23 April 2007

Responding to a generation of low expectations

10 deep breaths

Now, I am seriously incensed, but not yet angry because I cannot physiologically manage that emotion. 10 deep breaths - Uhm! Ah! Uhm! Ah!

I just read a blog imploring the Election Monitoring Groups to shut-up followed with the usual low-expectation polemic when Nigerians prefer not to face up to the fact that we have performed poorly.

I could not resist replying to the blog which Imnakoya of Grandiose Parlour thought was a joke or some satire, I would have been taken by that; but I once read a write-up about the INEC/Atiku disqualification, it meant I could not let this opportunity pass me by or I would have done the young man a disservice.

My response

You disappoint me, four sets of election monitors declared this election as barely meeting the minimum standards of a democratic process.

No responsible project manager would run an election within 24 hours if the ballot papers for the same election were in still in South Africa. We were laughed to scorn around the world because of that and it became the news instead of the elections itself.

You forget that Nigeria is a mirror of Africa to the world in terms of democracy, transparency and prudence, none of which we managed to excel at during these elections.

With all the talent and brains that have their roots from Nigeria, it beggars belief that anyone would condone the disgrace and stupidity exhibited by our leaders as sufficiently indicative of Nigeria's greater abilities.

However, if there are people of your generation who would feed this low-expectation complex, it would thrive.

I am also a Nigerian

As a Nigerian, it is not good enough, we live in a global community, it is time to expect everything we do to stand up to scrutiny, just as you would like your Nigerian degree to be accepted anywhere in the world.

The monitors have nothing to gain, they see electioneering as a fundamental human right, and it is unfortunate that you cannot see that it is that right they are trying to defend for you and other Nigerians who had the opportunity to vote.

I should have replied and rubbished your write up about INEC and Atiku weeks ago; I wonder what your views of the Supreme Court are now?

My last emotion on writing this is still utter disappointment.

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