Wednesday 11 April 2007

DNA separates the blanks from the bullets

DNA daddy

The unending saga of the life and death of Anna Nicole Smith continues with interest as the twists and turns of that turbulent life produces more fodder for the press.

Her 6-month old daughter was born in the Bahamas with her lawyer Howard K. Stern listed as father of the child in the birth documents.

This billion dollar baby, at least potentially, depending on how the estate of her mother resolves is the key to a life-changing experience for whoever ends up the guardian and father of this diamond.

At least 4 men came forward claiming paternity of the child, but the lawyer who happens to have the death touch of witnessing the death of both his "step-son" and lover seems to have been shooting blanks.

The real bullets belong to Larry Birkhead an entertainment photojournalist who claimed all along that "The girl is mine".

So Dannielynn (Named after big brother) Hope (For anyone who becomes my daddy) Marshall (Where my fortune is) Stern (Messed up my mummy's life) is going to become a Birkhead (My real daddy) once custody is sorted out in the courts - come on - DNA says he is the father, what can be the problem?

Meanwhile, we need the National Guard protecting that child just in case Mr. Stern has the additional misfortune of witnessing another death.

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