Monday 16 April 2007

A welcome but unprincely separation

A Prince unworthy

Obviously, one is saddened by the fact that the seeming royal romance between Prince William and Kate Middleton has come to an end.

Seeing the Prince leave a night club at 3:00AM in morning must have been instructive of the fact that the young man is more a man about town than one who really wants to "settle down" and become responsible to use the Nigerian euphemism of coercion to get married.

In these times, there are very few who do get married in their early 20s and the Prince being 24 means that he probably does not think he has played the field enough to accommodate the boring and restraining prospect of marital bliss.

From the reports emanating from anonymous close friends, unnamed palace sources and deluded royal experts, Prince William had been advised to make serious considerations about taking the relationship to a decent conclusion or aborting the affair so as not to have kept the young lady of 25 from prospects that would have been more willing and more appreciative of her.

In fact, this seems to the mirror the case of the Duchess of Cornwall who Prince Charles did not offer a proposal that she went on to marry another man - Anthony Parker Bowles; who now has the accolade of having given life and wife for king and country.

Aristocratic snobbery

Beyond this is the unsightly stuffiness of aristocracy with an inbred culture that is resistant to modern ways and the changing times or what might call the infiltration of the middle classes.

Kate Middleton is the daughter of self-made millionaires whose ancestry is not particularly distinguished and whose mother was once an air stewardess.

This should really have no bearing on the merits of Kate as an individual and partner who being quite well educated as a peer of the Prince, has been not only a close friend but confidant of the Prince throughout university.

However, it is generally the unspoken rule amongst aristocrats that only females in line for offices of state need be educated in formal settings, else, everyone else goes to finishing school learning to be supportive of their future husbands of blue blood in being baby-making machines providing heirs to keep the family name and titles extant and playing hostess to burnish the aristocratic mien of that lineage.

That is the career path of any lady who marries into aristocracy; to adopt any other focus like Diana, Princess of Wales did beyond mother and glamour clothes-horse was to be extending oneself into areas too cerebral for their calling.

This would have been the fate waiting to befall Kate Middleton and in some ways she has mercifully been delivered from that situation.

A stupid brood of idiots

What grates the more is the cretins who only become something by birth rather than by achievement that call themselves friends of the Prince who when Kate made an appearance whispered - Doors to manual - alluding to her mother's old profession as an air hostess; that the Prince could not defend the honour and integrity of his beau by outlawing such talk simply goes to show that Kate is better off with another man.

Maybe in 20 or 30 years time, after almost definitely an unsuitable bride is found to fulfill the aristocratic wife role of providing heirs and hospitality, Kate and William might end up in a Charles and Camilla encore; there is no telling, with royalty; history always seems to repeat itself again and again.

Sometimes, it takes a man time to really develop real respect for the lady who really matters to him. Meanwhile, I wish Kate Middleton well in all she puts her hand to do.

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