Monday 2 April 2007

Prescience or premonition

April blues day

Somehow, I could not be bothered about writing a long April Fool's mock-up for my readers' entertainment this year, I was not that inspired.

However, noticing that someone had been tugging at my entry last year, I returned to read what I had put up.

I would not call myself prescient but I probably can claim credit for predicting the resignation of John Bolton.

Bolton Bolts

The least celebrated and most controversial appointment in George W. Bush's tenure has handed in his resignation having not been able to persuade the UN Security Council of the need impose sanctions on Iran.

There probably were signs that this would have happened anyway, but this was still 7 months before the mid-term elections and this would not have happened if the Republicans had swept the Congress, which they did not.

Before, I start receiving calls about fortune-telling, my crystal ball has gone for repairs, the only tea leaves I am interested in are Fortnum & Mason's Earl Grey blend, I don't do palms that do not have exquisitely manicured fingers all augmented with crude plastic surgery and if you look into your eyes - well, really, I am not that interested.

The prediction - Bolton Bolts.

The coming to pass - Bolton Bolts.

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