Saturday 21 April 2007

Last testament Feng shui

Flower arrangements

Many a time, one has been quite dismissive of the Western adoption of the Eastern practice of Feng shui. Fundamentally, it is simply interior decoration for those consumed with superstitious foreboding hoping that right flower arrangement and placement of stool would be a good channel for luck.

Now, I would now pooh-pooh the practice, it works for those who believe in its efficacy and bully to them.

However, this become interesting because the once richest woman in Asia, Nina Wang who died on the 3rd of April having battled with her father-in-law for the fortune of her husband who was abducted in 1990 and never seen again.

She built the business after his disappearance into a large conglomerate but was known for her eccentricity and thriftiness; she normally dressed up like a teenage school girl and preferred fast-food outlets to restaurants.

Will you sign?

A few years ago, she made a will to benefit a charity, since she had no issues and her fortune was an estimated $4.2 billion and that is quite a largesse.

However, until her more current and disputable will was read two days ago, it was not clear what relationship she had with her Feng shui guide and fortune teller - Chan Chun-chuen who becomes the main beneficiary of the Wang estate with the commendation from Mrs. Wang that he fully understood her personal philosophy.

I, being one who has scoffed at charlatan fortune tellers who seem to see everyone's misfortune but none of their own good fortune, this is an interest diversion from the norm because this fortune teller has come into great fortune, though I wonder if he has seen if he would win through the courts.

Meanwhile, back to the practice of arrangements called Feng shui, even a last testament requires for an expert to advise you about where to sign, especially if you are signing it off to your fortune teller.

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