Tuesday 17 April 2007

INEC & OBJ might just get away with it

The perfect con

Herein is the error of our ways, and the non-vigilance of Nigerians that would make President Olusegun Obasanjo assume the mantle of "evil genius" from IBB.

Inadvertently, INEC let the cat out of the bag with an excuse that would leave many aghast with horror as the future of Nigeria is mortgaged on the megalomania of people who think our votes are to be trifled with being made of no significance.

About the issue of cases of ballot boxes being hijacked by hoodlums and unscrupulous politicians, INEC casts the blame on the security agencies.

The job of INEC is mainly to conduct elections as Philip Umeadi the INEC Commissioner for information says.

Mainly to conduct elections?

So how did they get involved in disqualifying candidates that their whole program is now in a mess they might now have to postpone the presidential elections?

How is it that polling stations were not open promptly in many locations?

How is that many observers deemed most of the voting activities as irregular, tainted and abused?

How is it that INEC did not realize that security is the most crucial element of conducting free and fair elections in Nigeria, that not only did they have to engage all arms of law enforcement, they had to ensure all materials in the conduct of the elections were secure and safe?

INEC basically was an organisation completely oblivious of its brief or something dangerously sinister is at play.

This is cop-out that beggars belief, did Obasanjo hire people who could perfect incompetence and pontificate such lame excuses to commit the greatest election crime in the world's largest black democracy and smartly get away with it? These are professional confidence tricksters hired to fix the elections and now pretending to be incompetent.

Methinks they might just get away with it; they might just get away with the disenfranchisement of Nigerians.

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