Wednesday 15 November 2006

Inviting Moi to a gay marriage in South Africa

Meet my husband

Somehow, it is interesting how America gets so excitable about protecting the sanctity of traditional marriage; by attacking every concept that allows consensual partnerships between same sexes to attain a recognition that legally validates what is essentially accepting a next-of-kin - someone that is neither a blood relation nor a spouse in the traditional sense.

I think I have exhausted arguments about the fact that assailing gay marriage does not automatically strengthen the bonds of traditional marriage. Only recently, I revealed studies that indicated that the regions in America that are most against gay marriage have the highest divorce rates.

Surely, that cannot be because of gay marriage, the biggest question being – “How does gay marriage affect the relationship between you and your spouse?” – If it does, you have a problem in your marriage that needs sorting out and if it does not, why are you busy-bodies in other people’s private business?

UnAfrican or unacceptably African

Then we come to homosexuality in Africa, where many leaders have from pulpits, rostrums and lecterns condemned the concept as un-African.

I have news, the parliament in South Africa just voted to recognize same-sex relationships but a margin of 230 votes to 41, so literally 5 out 6 parliamentarians see nothing out of ordinary with Mr. and Mr. A. N. Other or Ms. and Ms. L. U. V. Sher attending the ambassador’s soiree.

Obviously, there are dissenters, how a vote on equality of recognition becomes a blow against democracy, escapes me, but the Catholic Cardinal Napier must be reading the Apocryphal book on Democracy, even so; that from a church that has not come to terms with atrocious and despicable child abuse scandals amongst their priests.

Another religious leader said the consenters would face divine wrath; well, if the tyranny of the majority and the acceptance of bigoted stances to issues of consensual free will is Christianly, I would like to see how these people can be persuaded to come to Church, in the light of such vitriol.

Refuse, but professionally

There is however a provision in the bill that allows officials to refuse to officiate in confirming such partnerships on the premise of “conscience, religion and belief”. I would hope that those who refuse would do that with professionalism and dignity rather that destroy that happy day with a public protest and dissent that would just raise hackles.

In my view, if that does happen, much as I would like that official to be disciplined, they might also become martyrs to the cause of bigotry.

This vote came about because members of the ruling African National Congress were given a three-line-whip to vote for the bill – if I may, a majority of those would have been black African – so much for the un-African-ness of homosexuality.

Would South Africa now be expelled from the African Union for adopting a seemingly un-African and “immoral” stance? I think NOT!


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