Thursday 30 November 2006

Don't Panic! - it is only Polonium-210

The terror of poisons

We have been advised that the risk of being affected by Polonium 210 radiation is minuscule that we do not have to bother. But, the man died.

This is despite the innocuous but benign endangerment being found in 12 places in London, on three commercial planes involving contacting 3,000 British Airways crew and 30,000 passengers.

Don’t Panic!

One ex-Prime Minister of Russia is allegedly poisoned and in hospital.

To paraphrase a clich̩, the only thing to panic about is panic itself Рwe are sitting calmly listening to all this propaganda that lures us into a great sense of terror and fear Рexpect a raid on our civil liberties soon.

If that radioactive material did come through Heathrow airport, air travel as we know it is dead.

As for the half-life of Polonium 210 being 138 days, we have a few more days to run on this matter as the plot thickens.

Meanwhile, if you do need the glow of radioactivity to kill your cockroach infested boudoir, for $69 you can order it online from the USA and it would be delivered to your door – Don’t Panic!

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