Wednesday 8 November 2006

Mene, mene, tekel, upharsin - Rumsfeld gone!

Gates open as Rumsfeld steps out

I had probably lost my voice well over a year ago in asking that Donald Rumsfeld either resign or be sacked for his mishandling of Iraq.

In politics, when your boss expresses confidence in you when you are under pressure, it is probably your boss about to pull the carpet from under your feet.

Only two days ago, the President said he would keep Rumsfeld and Cheney till the end of his term, he has kept one part, it is the end of his term with the loss of the sycophantic and toothless Republican dominated Congress to the Democrats.

Bush has reached a Belshazzar moment, even though the handwriting of the polls had been on the wall for quite a while about the change in the power dynamic of Congress, the president refused to read and understand the message, especially on Iraq.

So, Donald Rumsfeld is to be pensioned off; he has resigned with immediate effect, so the unknown unknowns can now read as the inscription of old – Mene, mene, tekel, upharsin – they have all been weighed in balances and found wanting – such is the way of democracy.

Robert Gates might well open the gates to new thinking on the war on terrorism.

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