Thursday 9 November 2006

A straight flush - Democrats win all

Seeking food for rage

Everyone once in a while, I allow the multitude of channels on my digital television subscription to excite my curiosity. The group of channels that come under the title of News and Documentaries has a lot to offer, probably 15 or so channels in all.

Then I look for one that would rile me, fill me with righteous indignation and leave me incandescent with rage and as I am astonished at what has come to my hearing.

No, channel excites that much vile and negative emotion than the Fox News Channel – anyone who gets a daily dose of that staple is bound to need augmented mental support be it medicinal or surgical – but, some are just so attuned to the stuff that they call opinion coming from pundits that would not qualify for the analysis of kindergarten skittles.

Giving a wet fish slap

The opinion is so malformed, skewed and radically “conservative” read Republican, none of which can bear educated scrutiny.

Only last week, they had people on who could not imagine the possibility of the Democrats taking the House of Representatives talk less of the Senate, as I sat and listened to the analysis, I saw myself pick up a decently sized wet fish, swinging it with the finesse of a Justine Henin-Hardenne backhand till it hit the pundit square in the face and do that three or four times till he woke up and smelt the coffee.

The President has lost this hand

Well, methinks we have moved beyond the cheap poker hand of a full house and now have a straight flush, the Democrats having taken the House of Representatives and just over an hour ago, the Senate too.

The President was left with a high card and with nothing to flop; he had to fold with the loss of a big bet (Rumsfeld). He now has to be smart with his new hand because, he probably does not have that many chips to play fast and loose anymore. The boy born with a silver foot in his mouth has done what they all do, squander favour, resources, goodwill, life and opportunity.

When we have a Royal Flush (Presidency & Congress) in November 2008 with Hillary Rodham Clinton as President-elect, the fox-hunting season might have been over with the hounds fully sated – basically, Americans cannot afford to have the ilk of the Fox News Channel continue to skew debate with impunity.

As for Dubbiyew, if I shed a tear for the loss of last Tuesday'elections, it would have been for the lives that missed the opportunity for a change to the misguided Iraq escapade.

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