Thursday 4 November 2021

It is magically beyond real

We live so true

Spirits move me to a plane of excitement and expectation I cannot find the words to express. There is a joy in life that seems to find its circle of completion in the person and the companionship of one such who indeed has stolen my heart away.

The strain of distance and the length of time that we have been apart has its effect, but we stand strong in the knowledge that much of what we see will pass, the constraints that prevent would give away eventually to allow the inevitable. Two hearts meant to be as one will be as one in the fulness of time.

We believed the truth

In yearning and desire, we have sat, urging each other on and encouraging each other of how the time away dissolves into the closeness of the time together. Dreamy thoughts and pictures of what we have done and will do begin to take the shape of a reality that we long to share.

At the time one proposed, it floated like an idea to be challenged and negotiated, then I realise I work with people as human as I am, with feelings just as I have, who know the need for fulfilling companionship cannot be exercised for so long at the distance for it does need proximity to rekindling and renewal.

We cleave to life

I can have the time I have required to go and do this and more whilst a stand-in is recruited to cover for my absence. It is a kind of magnanimity much appreciated and one I cannot but be thankful for. It is in this vein that the countdown has begun. I am buzzing like a bumblebee, it is something you cannot fully contain, it just bubbles out of you with effervescence and brilliance.

The light of my world and the smile that comforts with the touch that soothes, love is a many-splendored construct of the completely inexpressible made true and lived large. I am thankful for the good fortune and favour unto me and mine.

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