Tuesday 2 November 2021

I found the mug

Grandad ever watching

The mug, that mug, my mug has the inscription, “If at first you don’t succeed… call grandad.” I wish I could, he died many, many years ago, though I doubt he would have been able to give me the advice I needed to find my mug. Then what is to say his spirit was not with me aiding me in the quest for that missing artefact.

Blog - Now, where's the mug?

Then paranoia set in, having looked everywhere I thought the mug could be, I decided to take pictures of my office desk, the coffee table, and the kitchen, including the bin. Just in case the mug reappeared in any of those places, and I could reference pictures to see what I was missing.

Upending everything again

I checked my door, it was locked, went over my apartment again and then repaired to bed to sleep, but this thing still bothered me, where could be the mug be? As Brian knows, I would unlikely go to bed without satisfactorily resolving this riddle.

Back in the living room, looking under settees, behind the seats and every nook and cranny, but it just did not make sense. I even looked in the fridge and the freezer, just in case, in a moment of silliness that sometimes finds an excuse for my actions, I might just have, well really?

Back in the kitchen, I opened every cupboard, looked again in the dishwasher and then finally, I pulled open the door of the microwave oven, and there was the mug, full of the tea that I had tried to rewarm. I made tea in the afternoon then got distracted after a few sips.

How it happened

Normally, I would boil water and fill up the mug to warm up the tea, but instead, I poured lukewarm water out of the kettle into the mug and set it in the microwave oven for 90 seconds, where I forgot the mug all that while until I wanted to have some ginger tea before going to bed and hence, the search high and low for the mug.

Rather than get agitated about it, I could have just calmed myself down and eventually found the mug. I am sure this same thing happened sometime last year too. What I need to do next time if the mug is not in the sink, on my office desk or in the dishwasher is to check the microwave oven before having wild ideas about where the mug might have scampered off to without letting me know.

If at first, I don’t succeed in finding the mug, I just relax, use another mug because it is somewhere in my apartment, I just can’t find it yet. 

The mug.

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